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Duct Fitting Equivalent Length Calculator

duct fitting equivalent length calculator

Equivalent Duct Calculator. I want to calculate: rectangular to round. round to rectangular. clear. Provided by . Other Hart & Cooley Mobile Tools. Friction Loss Calculator for Flexible Ducts. Friction Loss Calculator for Sheet Metal Ducts. Equivalent Duct Calculator (Round vs Rectangular)

Equivalent Length of Pipe Calculator

Equivalent Length of Valves and Fittings Calculation For pipes with a nominal diameter from 1/2" to 24 inches There is certain amount of pressure loss in straight pipe and in addition valves and fittings in a section of pipe will add to the overall pressure loss that occurs in a section of pipe.

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Sheet Metal Duct Friction Loss Calculator. 1. Enter Duct Airflow (CFM), Duct Velocity (FPM), Duct Length and the number of bends. 2. Read Round Duct Diameter (inches) and Friction Loss Per 100' of duct (inches of water).

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producer of sheet metal duct and fitting components for air handling systems. In over 50 years of serving the mechanical system marketplace, McGill AirFlow has gained a technical expertise, which is unmatched in the industry.

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duct size or cross-sectional area; square feet Air volume in cfm can be calculated by multiplying the air velocity by the cross-sectional area of the duct in square feet. 5 • cfm = fpm x Area Given any two of these three quantities, the third can be readily determined: • fpm = cfm/area • Area = cfm/fpm


Each fitting has an effective length that equates its pressure drop to an equivalent amount of straight duct. When you add up the effective lengths of all the fittings and then add that number to the length of the straight sections in the most restrictive runs in the return and supply ducts, you find the total effective length (TEL).

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Fittings such as elbows, tees and valves represent a significant component of the pressure loss in most pipe systems. This article details the calculation of pressure losses through pipe fittings and some minor equipment using the equivalent length method. The strength of the equivalent length method is that it is very simple to calculate. The weakness of the equivalent length method is that ...

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Or choose to utilize one of auto-draw systems. Right-Duct ® will select the fittings, measure the actual and equivalent length of the runs and size, calculate the appropriate friction rate for each duct, as well as properly size the ducts for you. View overview video. Features:

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Straight Duct DUCT & FITTINGS WITH ANGLE RINGS (AVAILABLE 100 - 3000) STANDARD LENGTHS("L") Type no. PUDTPA " D " "L" OPTIONS: Custom lengths available. Duct greater than 2100 diameter requires Uangyih-tech Engineering review and approval. Refer to Uangyih-tech Flanges System section for adapters, drains and test port aw end available.

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By using this method of calculating duct pressure loss, the equivalent length of each fitting is added to the total duct length to establish the pressure loss through the duct system. To establish the equivalent length for a given fitting, the fitting equation is set as being equal to the duct length equation. Solving for “L” establishes the equivalent duct length for a specific fitting with a given velocity of flow through the duct. The equation becomes:

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The Duct Size Calculator is a quick reference tool for approximating duct sizes and equivalent sizes of sheet metal duct versus flexible duct. It includes sizing for metal ducts, and for flexible duct when compressed at 4%, 15%, and 30% straight line compression.

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= Upstream velocity of fitting H = Height of the duct W = Width of the duct R = Radius of the bend Θ = Angle of the radius Calculate the pressure loss of the duct fitting in a 600mm W x 200mm H duct with a radius of 600mm and a 90° Bend angle. Say Reynolds number as 4500. Therefore the pressure loss is 0.2149

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Now find the total duct losses for each duct and branch, that’s very easy to do simply multiply the duct length by the pressure drop per meter, in our example we found it to be 0.65pa/m. Do that for all the ducts and branches on the table.

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Add trunk length to take off, the branch duct length, equivalent length of fittings from blower a raised metal frame that is sealed to the roof along the outside where rooftop air conditioners rest on is called..

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ACCA Friction Rate Reference Chart - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Equivalent Lengths for Duct Calculation. Equivalent Lengths for Duct Calculation. Search Search. ... = 65 feet Equivalent lengths of turns and fittings between A and B = 190 feet Total effective length = 255 feet. 5. Determine the ...

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decisions. Once properly covered, use of Carrier’s Duct Calculator for equal friction sizing will be presented. Proper duct design requires performing load estimates to determine the zone and space cfm that the duct system will distribute. Once the cfm has been determined, the duct system compo-nents can be laid out.


Engineering & Design Data FLOW VELOCITY & FRICTION LOSS Friction Loss Through Fittings Friction loss through fittings is expressed in equivalent feet of the same pipe size and schedule for the system flow rate. Schedule 40 head loss per 100' values are usually used for other wall thicknesses and standard iron pipe size O.D.’s.

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The Duct Size Calculator is a quick reference tool for approximating duct sizes and equivalent sizes of sheet metal duct vs. flexible duct. The calculator uses information from ASHRAE Research Project 1333, HVAC Duct Efficiency Measures, and was developed with funding support from ASHRAE and ADI.

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FAQ. HVAC Design Solutions - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) (Click on "hyperlink" to see response to questions)What is your new "62.1-2013 Comply-VAV" program and how does it work with ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2013?; What is the "Basic Project Input Sheet", and why is it linked to all the other calculations?What makes your "Enhanced Equal Friction" Duct Calculator better than the typical duct ...

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Today's installment in the duct design series is a simple one. It's just a straightforward calculation that gives us the design friction rate from the two quantities I discussed in my last two articles. In part 2, I told you about available static pressure (ASP). In part 3, I covered total effective (or equivalent) length (TEL). Today we take those numbers and calculate the

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ness of material has but slight effect over a wide range of moderately smooth materials. Fitting losses can be expressed as equivalent length of straight duct; or as a fraction of velocity pressure; or directly in inches of water gage (˝wg). 50” 1

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3. The Three Methods for Minor Loss Determination. The 3 methods which are used to calculate the minor losses in pipe sizing exercises are the equivalent length (L e /D), the resistance coefficient (K) and the valve flow coefficient (C v), although the C v method is almost exclusively used for valves. To further complicate matters, the resistance coefficient (K) method has several levels of ...


Adds an adjustment for Metric Equivalent Fitting Length values. Adds an adjustment for Metric Equivalent Fitting Length values. Everyone using VR7, and especially those calculating with Metric type pipes, should install this patch. To install the update, download the file and save it to your desktop (or another selected location).

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D (Duct Diameter).For example,8" diameter duct installed on 16" centerline bend radius has R/D of 2. Equivalent Lengths of Straight Duct in Diameters can be found quickly by using Bend Friction Loss.Continuing the example: by locating R/D of 2 intersecting the cure and reading to the left,20”diameters of 8” duct (160”or 13.3 feet) is seen ...

Duct Fitting Equivalent Length Calculator

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Duct Fitting Equivalent Length Calculator